Payment and Insurance

Because coaching can help you make choices that will affect your entire future, it can be thought of as an investment in yourself. The positive effects can and do last a lifetime. Only you can decide whether the potential gains will compensate for your investment in money and time. As you weigh the cost of consulting and coaching it is important to consider the life goals you have not yet reached but would still like to.

I accept payment in cash, check, charge, and PayPal. For the ultimate benefit of my clients I do not accept insurance. Insurance and managed care companies have gatekeepers and reviewers to decide about who needs services and how much. These functions interfere with the basic premise of the safe, confidential environment that is fundamental to the success of the coaching process. Your private information could potentially be available to others. I believe that the lack of confidentiality and the control exerted by the insurance companies are not in my clients’ best interests. I will provide you with the necessary information for you to submit copies of receipts if you choose to pursue reimbursement with your carrier.