Lynne Barga, PhD

When you want to know yourself better, understand your psychological strengths and weaknesses, ease or eliminate emotional pain and confusion, develop more effective behavior and habits, and arrive at a clearer understanding of your past and how it affects you now, while creating the future you want, I will act as your objective and supportive partner.  My approach combines a cognitive focus with human development expertise to achieve your wellbeing by recognizing and changing limiting beliefs and building on your natural strengths.  I draw on what my own journey has taught me: empathy, persistence, and commitment.  These are some of the things I specialize in and see a lot of need for:    

Navigating Life Transitions

Life can be hard.  And it doesn’t come with instructions. What do you do when it knocks you down or upends everything you thought was solidly under your feet?  Most of us were not taught effective coping skills growing up, and trying to develop them while in crisis usually doesn’t work very well.  Through therapy and coaching we can take steps to assess what’s going on, what to do about it, and how to arrive stronger wherever you want to be next.  

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Many people feel anxiety about things like money, job interviews, or dating, but sometimes there is no clear reason for it.  Modern life with its deadlines, fast pace, daily disasters, and keeping up with social media can cause chronic anxiety.  And sometimes anxiety becomes a habit long after the original event is over, interfering with concentration, disrupting sleep, causing physical symptoms, and resulting in depression.  If physical symptoms are severe and sudden, it may even become a panic attack.  But believe it or not, anxiety, like the fight, flight, or freeze response, is a survival mechanism – it allows people to protect themselves from unhealthy stress or threatened harm.  Therapy can help you learn coping skills to deal with your symptoms and then dig deeper to discover causes and rewrite “stuck” memories.  

Interpersonal Relationships / Communication

Ineffective communication has been reported as the leading cause of divorce.  Recent polls have shown that the majority of people say poor communication interferes with their important relationships at every level, but very few have any idea how to change that.  Throw in cultural differences in values, communication styles, and beliefs, and it’s a wonder we have any relationships left at all!  By focusing on other peoples’ meanings, intentions, feelings, and circumstances, and the clarity of our own expression and understanding, with therapy and coaching we can resolve longstanding issues and prevent future conflict with family, friends, and colleagues.

Strengths Enhancement

Research has found that people have much greater potential for growth when they invest their energy in developing their strengths than in trying to correct their weaknesses.  No one can be good at everything, so why not be great at what you’re naturally gifted with?!  Using personality testing we can identify your personal assets and even locate your percentile in the general population, giving you a clear understanding of the best fit for you and of how to build a bright future by leveraging your gifts.  

Leadership Development

Teams and staffs are made up of diverse human beings with all their quirks and variations; they don’t all respond well to the same style of leadership.  When you need to know how to better support and develop the people you lead, we can start with self-awareness and resilience, the traits needed to adapt to evolving situations, and transform not just concrete task performance, but the whole self.   Stepping back from the daily grind to objectively assess the situation can lead to a renewed sense of clarity at work and beyond, as you consider your purpose in life, why you do what you do, how you show up in the world, and how you want to move into the future.

Career Coaching

If you’re facing an obstacle or challenge at work, or you received an unfavorable performance review, or if you feel like you’re in a less than fulfilling job, you might be ready for a career change.  Maybe you know you’re not on the right path but aren’t sure how to find a new direction.  Personality and strengths assessments can help, pinpointing the skills, values, and capabilities you’d like to build on.  Together we’ll reflect on what got you to where you are today and work out a step-by-step plan to develop your potential and reach your true fulfilling career goals.